Staying Connected While Travelling

Many people ask me how I stay connected during my frequent international travel, so I thought I would document the most effective way i’ve found to keep online while abroad.


KnowRoaming uses a prepaid SIM Sticker or SIM Card that enables you to access international cellular networks while abroad. As of this post, they advertise connectivity in 200+ countries. They offer competitive rates for calling, texting, and data while travelling the world.

The concept is simple. KnowRoaming established partnerships with many international carriers, and pass on connectivity to you, via SIM / App platform. I personally use the SIM Sticker, stuck between my home carrier’s SIM and my iPhone 7 Plus. (Works with nearly every device and SIM size)

While in your home country, you won’t notice anything. The real KnowRoaming magic happens when you enter a new country. Open the KnowRoaming app, and you’ll be able to swap to the KnowRoaming SIM. By doing this, you’ll be effectively changing from your home carrier SIM to your KnowRoaming SIM.


The absolute best part is that KnowRoaming has recently added Unlimited WhatsApp usage. This is an absolute game changer. All text, picture, and video messaging, along with Audio and Video calling within the WhatsApp app is completely free and included.


Rates (as of this post):
  • Calling: as low as $0.08 per minute
  • Texting: as low as $0.14 per SMS
  • Data: Pay per use for as low as $0.15 per MB, or in over 100 countries, purchase an unlimited 24 hour data plan for only $7.99 USD – This is my favourite option for no hassle. (WhatsApp data is not used from your data option)


  • Unlocked Device
  • Credit Card (To link to your account for topups)
  • The KnowRoaming SIM Sticker or SIM Card (Link to buy below)
  • Download of the KnowRoaming app
  • Call Forwarding on your local number to your KnowRoaming number (Optional)


If you are interested, click here, and be sure to use my code “NICBE30” to save 30% off your SIM or SIM Sticker, and get a $5 starting credit!